John Hillman, CEO

Since 2006

Executive Biography

John Hillman, CEO


John Hillman has served Nationwide Title Clearing in various capacities for over 21 years. He was named to the Board of Directors in 2004 and became NTC's Chief Executive Officer in 2006.


Prior to NTC, Johnny worked at a software company and oversaw a team of 86 Sales and Tech Support employees and helped grow revenue there by over 400% within two years.


Hillman has been working in the real estate business since he worked in construction 30 years ago. Since then, he has worked his way up and into his current position. Under his management, NTC has increased revenue by 535% since 2008 and 350% since 2011.


Since becoming CEO, individual productivity has increased by 300%, the percentage of documents NTC records electronically has risen from 11% to 70% and he has implemented new systems that have allowed NTC to consistently achieve the highest standards in document review and preparation. For all of his achievements in the residential mortgage industry, Hillman won the prestigious HousingWire Magazine’s Vanguard Award™ in 2015.


Hillman is heavily involved in the Corporate Social Responsibility programs at NTC and his leadership in this regard has caused recognition throughout the industry.

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) has been in business for over 25 years as a deep research and document provider to the nation's largest lenders, servicers and investors. 


CEO John Hillman explains in this video why and how NTC has earned our client’s trust:





To put it in perspective, John Hillman notes, “We have run into some prospective clients that have attention on outsourcing, feeling like they can't keep tabs on and control or maintain oversight over a third party provider. NTC being audited as much as NTC is audited, not only by us, not only by our internal controls, but by as many clients as we have, we've perfected the audit process.  There is no question we haven't been asked, there's no procedure or process we haven't made better or created a policy and procedure surrounding and don't audit every single day.  We have them all.  You're going to want to check the depth of our own controls internally and see that we're not your typical third party provider.

We have quality control process at each phase of the service we're providing.  So there's quality built in, every step along the way. That's one of our advantages. One of our strengths as a vendor in our industry.”

Contact NTC today and see why the nation’s biggest names in residential mortgage banking use NTC as a partner to remain compliant at a fraction of their internal costs.

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