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2018 NTC Employee Quarterly Promotions

Posted by Kristen Rumberger on Mon, Apr 30,2018 @ 09:04 AM

NTC highlights the successes and employee efforts in 2018

A big part of NTC’s mission is to encourage team members to move up in the company and promote from within. We are proud to announce that NTC has promoted 46 employees since January of 2018. Last year we promoted 76 employees throughout the entire year of 2017, ranging from managers to chief level executives. That is nearly half of last year’s promotions and we are going into the fifth month of the year!

We are honored to have such dedicated and hardworking team members. Congratulations to everyone and a job well done!

“I’m most proud of my team when they utilize adversity to succeed. It seems every adverse situation has been turned into something amazing and prosperous this year, and I end up feeling proud these days. Bravo, Team NTC” – John Hillman, CEO.


Palm Harbor Office: 

Deborah Ohly - National Account Executive to AVP Sales & Marketing

Jim Moore - Senior Client Relations Executive to Sales Executive

Sarah Tritsch - Special Projects Admin to Director of File Admin Services

Alyssa Schneider – Data Entry Lead to Data Entry Senior Lead

Shelley Abate – Director of Personnel to Establishment Executive

Chad Coonfield – Data Entry Lead to Data Entry Senior Lead

Bill Welton - Quality Inspector - File Audits to Quality Inspection Lead - Vault Services

Fred Wholley – Login Clerk to Prepper/Post Scanner Lead

Brittany Tucker - Login Clerk to Prepper/Post Scanner Lead

Daniel Thompson – Doc Review Lead to Doc Review Senior Lead

Chris Telesca – Doc Review Lead to Doc Review Senior Lead

Cody Keppen - Data Entry Specialist to Data Entry Lead – Advanced

Jessica Barreres - Orders Admin Manager to Director of Doc Review

Troy Hutton-Forstrom - Data Entry Lead to Service Establishment Manager

Shula Ferguson - File Auditor to File Remedy & reject Unit Lead

Jennifer Moylan - Doc Review Specialist to Doc Review Lead

Brandon Woods - Orders Tracking Specialist to Orders Admin Manager

Andrew Gahan - Data Entry to System Support Technician

Courtney Sepanski – Data Entry - Intermediate to Data Entry Lead - Intermediate Unit

Eric Schultz – Data Entry to Data Entry - Advanced Entry Unit

Francis Denardo – Doc Review Specialist to Doc Review Lead

Lydia Barton – Data Entry to Data Entry – Intermediate

Tina Shriver-Schneider - File Auditor to Standard Audit Unit Lead

Cynthia Freeman - Data Entry Lead - Legal Entry Unit to Product Remedy Manager

Regina Mowbray - Research Data Entry Specialist to Internal Order Entry Manager

Jacob Gulliver - Login Clerk to Printing & Scanning Lead

Jennifer Zak - Research Data Entry Lead to External Receipt & Routing Manager

Brandy Chaplain - Account Executive to Director of Account Setup

Nigel Brooks - Janitor to Lead Janitor

Gabrielle Fitzgibbon - DE to DE - Order Escalation Unit

Heather Leibowitz - Quality Inspector to Homeowners Call Rep

Renee Douglas - Data Entry to Quality Inspection - Data Entry

Terry Mundon - Enterprise Account Executive to Director of Client Relations

Gabby Deal - Post Closing Admin Lead to Vault Manager

Rachael McSunas - Online Researcher to Research Reject Specialist on

Felix Maldonado - Account Exec to Compliance Analyst

Tonya Jordan - Post Closing Follow Up Specialist to Post Closing Admin Lead

Eric Saylor - System Support Technician to System Support Manager (TAC Manager)

Monika Malyszko - Sales Admin to Director of Sales Administration

Heather Diaz - Mailroom - Physical Files Prepping Clerk to E-Record Specialist

Benjamin Baad - Data Entry to Forms Specialist

Shelby Beard – Receptionist to Benefits Manager


Dallas Office:

Chelsea Ellis - Post Closing File Auditor to Post Closing File Audits Lead

Macyla Davis - Post Closing Auditor to Quality Inspector

Raymond Smith Jr. - Data Entry Specialist to Quality Inspector 

Sue Lee - Data Entry Specialist to Data Entry Lead

Delisha Davis - Data Entry Lead to Data Entry Manager


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