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9 Spooky Facts You Didn't Know About Halloween

Posted by Kristen Rumberger on Tue, Oct 30,2018 @ 11:10 AM

Halloween is a celebration of all things spooky, but where does Halloween originate from? Why do kids go door-to-door begging for candy? Why do we dress up as someone we are not? And, why are we all obsessed with all things scary and spooky?


Here are a few “spooky” facts about Halloween…

Halloween is thought to have originated around 4000 B.C. Which means it has been around for over 6,000 years!

Dressing up as ghouls and other spooks originated from the ancient Celtic tradition of townspeople disguising themselves as demons and spirits. They believed that disguising themselves this way would allow them to escape the notice of the real spirits wandering the streets during Samhain.

It was believed that ghosts and spirits walked the Earth on the night of Samhain, so people would dress up as spirits in an effort to fool people into thinking they were one and the same.

During the Halloween celebration, bonfires were lit to ensure the sun would return after the long winter. Often priests would throw bones of cattle into the flames, hence bone fire became bonfire.

People use to dance for treats on Halloween. Trick-or-Treaters in medieval times would go door-to-door asking for treats and in return they would dance, sing, or pray.

Jack-o’-lanterns were once made out of turnips, beets, and potatoes — not pumpkins.

Black cats were believed to be protect their master’s dark powers.

Michael Myers' mask is actually a William Shatner mask. The film was on a tight budget, so the crew used the cheapest mask they could find: a $2 Star Trek William Shatner mask. They spray-painted it white and reshaped the eye holes, making Captain James Kirk
The United States' White House has had reports of ghostly appearances. The most common ghost sighting is of Abraham Lincoln who has been spotted by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Sir Winston Churchill.
NTC wishes everyone a spooky and safe Halloween!

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