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Nationwide Title Clearing Cuts Holiday Budget for Charity

Posted by Joellen Raiti on Tue, Dec 18,2012 @ 11:12 AM

Nationwide Title Clearing Toys for Tots 2012 -From left, Janice Rush, Joellen Raiti and Erika Lance

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., for the fourth year in a row puts the residents of Tampa Bay first by cutting its holiday budget and donating it to charity. This year a total of 224 toys were delivered to Toys for Tots from donations provided by NTC and its employees. Shown here are the NTC executives who coordinated the effort, (from left) Janice Rush, Joellen Raiti and Erika Lance with the large donation just before it was picked up by Toys for Tots officials.

The group that tracks charitable giving expects donations in Florida will have risen slightly after last year’s $1.26 billion in philanthropic giving, according to (1). Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., is adding to that number by slashing the company’s own holiday budget to, instead, give back to its local community.

This year was particularly crucial for local businesses to hold toy drives. According to the Tampa Bay Times, toy donations were so low that Toys for Tots officials still worry they won't have enough gifts for the estimated 40,000 boys and girls on their lists (1). That’s partly due to the Postal Service, who stopped distributing free fliers providing details on donation pick-ups. Separately, the toy drives planned during Tampa Bay Lightning games were cancelled because of the hockey lockout.

“In the spirit of the season, this year we decided to donate a substantial portion of the money we normally use for holiday gifts to the Toys for Tots foundation,” commented John Hillman, CEO of NTC. “We want to bring joy to the children and families of the Tampa Bay area.”

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(1) Kent, Cindy. December 10, 2012. “South Florida's 'other' season: Holiday giving,”,0,789940.story

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