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NTC Collects 200 Pounds of Supplies for US Troops

Posted by Joellen Raiti on Mon, Aug 19,2013 @ 15:08 PM

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) has long incorporated corporate social responsibility (CSR) into its business model with extensive environmental health programs such as paperless payroll and recycling programs. As an extended branch of its community-focused business practices, the Palm Harbor company recently amassed 200 pounds of donations for U.S. troops stationed overseas in conjunction with the United Service Organization, Inc. (USO).

USO Photo CSR aims to embrace and encourage a positive impact through a company’s activities on the environment, community and surrounding public—although the process is typically carried out by multinational  corporations on broad social issues, NTC chooses to lend the term to a variety of  initiatives, including support of U.S. soldiers stationed overseas. Approximately fifty NTC employees, along with three employees from British Airways and the USO Tampa Bay, Inc., participated in a donation drive for the troops by organizing and contributing items such as:

●Personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash and moisturizer; 
●Razors and sun screen; 
●Books and magazines; 
●Playing cards; 
●DVD movies; and 
●Nonperishable snacks and canned food.

This is a cause important to Myron Finley, Chief Legal Officer at NTC and personal advocate for the drive. He understands the influence that NTC’s 350 employees can have on not just the Palm Harbor community, but also on the nation as a whole. Finley understands the comforting effect that simple efforts such as donation drives can have on those soldiers missing the luxuries of home.

“[NTC] is lucky to have employees who take advantage of every opportunity to give back,” said Finley. “Supplying much needed assistance to our troops is the least we can do, and we are looking into making this an annual donation drive. Being in the armed forces is a huge sacrifice, and sending a piece of home to those who are deployed is a simple way of thanking them for their service.”

For those interested in making donations, please visit the USO Lounge at Tampa International Airport, which is located on the second floor of the main terminal near the British Airways Ticket counter.

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