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ICYMI: The DS News Webinar with NTC's VP of Risk and Chief Legal Officer Now Available for Free Download

Posted by Gina Morales on Tue, Jul 28,2015 @ 09:07 AM

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DS News (@DSNews on Twitter) has now posted a link to the recording of the live webinar NTC hosted last Thursday. In case you missed it, click HERE now to download it.

From the @DSNews website:

Nationwide Title Clearing, a research, audit, and document processing provider to top financial institutions and investors in the residential mortgage industry, conducted a free webinar on Thursday, July 23 to highlight the importance of consistency in third-party oversight and audits.

The webinar was led by William Borde, NTC’s vice president of risk management, and Myron Finley, the firm’s chief legal officer. They discussed how to begin bridging the gap between auditors and third-party vendors. They also discussed the risk of an administrative fine being levied, the operational risk that any process or function in the vendor’s services will lead to an adverse result, and the disconnect that occurs between servicers who focus on the regulatory risks and vendors who focus on the operational risks.

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