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New NTC White Paper Explains The Company’s Innovative Curative Vault Solution

Posted by Santa Sorrentino on Mon, Aug 20,2018 @ 10:08 AM


(Palm Harbor, FL) August 20, 2018 – Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC), the leading post-closing services provider for the nation’s largest financial institutions, investors and servicers, has published a new white paper entitled “Increasing Portfolio Value and Reducing Risk by Perfecting Loan Collateral and Document Custody,” in which it explains the need for significant changes in a sector of the industry that hasn’t changed in decades. The company’s new Curative Vault solution is also detailed in the paper.

“In the post-crash home finance industry, managing a perfected collateral loan file has become more of a priority at origination,” said Debbie Lastoria, Vice President of National Sales for NTC and the author of the new white paper. “But we are still seeing literally hundreds of thousands of collateral files with important documents missing, sometimes even the promissory note. Regardless of whether or not you know the condition of the file, a perfected collateral file will be required for ALL life of loan events—which will be much more costly to manage than a proper review and remediation upfront.”

In the paper, Lastoria quantifies the risk involved in remaining with the outdated document custodian process in use today and then provides three key elements that a better solution must entail. NTC’s Curative Vault was designed to meet these new requirements.

“Document Custody is the last line of defense for a quality portfolio and the first source of information for a loan under inspection, but without the research and remediation components, it simply can’t get the job done,” said NTC CEO John Hillman. “To protect homeowners, investors, originators and servicers, we must have a more complete solution, especially now that our processes are all going electronic. The old idea of document custody must be replaced.”

NTC’s Curative Vault Solution includes:

●     Secure Storage Facility

●     File Intake and Review

●     Exception Curative Services

●     Comprehensive Document and Exception Tracking

●     Loan Transfer Assistance

●     Imaging and Indexing

●     Pre-purchase Collateral Due Diligence

●     Coordination between Sellers, Buyers, Custodians and Due Diligence firms

For more information about NTC’s Curative Vault offering, contact the company today.

To download the new white paper, click here!


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