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NTC Announces New eRecording Counties Added in Q1 2017

Posted by Gina Morales on Mon, Apr 10,2017 @ 13:04 PM

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Every quarter, NTC adds dozens of new eRecording counties to its robust network nationwide. 


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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) offers the most comprehensive and cutting-edge approach to electronic recording available in the mortgage service industry. We are able to do this by maintaining an advanced in-house system that rapidly submits documents for eRecording at the county level through exclusive and meaningful eRecording partnerships as well as direct to county methods.

Our eRecording services are a standard value added feature included in every service that includes county recording, such as Assignment Processing Services, Lien Release Processing and Loan Modification Recording Services. This process often costs less than typical postage costs. We also furnish eRecording as a stand-alone service for processing documents in counties/recording jurisdictions where eRecording is enabled.

NTC has maintained complex, professional partnerships that fully integrate our own advanced document processing with the advanced eRecording methods available in most counties. By using this process, we are able to give our clients significant savings while also cutting time investment in gathering and completing recorded documentation. Overall, the eRecording process simplifies everything and reduces the time, effort and cost that typically goes into submitting paper documents for recording such as printing, paper, postage, mailing, envelopes, recording fee-checks, etc. - ultimately giving our clients the ability to eliminate most of the industry red tape.

Below are the newest counties added to our eRecord process. NTC maintains a 99.9% compliance rate and a less than 1% reject rate in over 3600+ jurisdictions nationwide.  

Check out the newest counties added in the first quarter, 2017 from most populous to least:



Contact NTC today if you want to know more about our eRecording Service. 1-800-346-9152 X 362.


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