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NTC Executives Attend PRIA Annual Conference in Iowa

Posted by Gina Morales on Tue, Aug 30,2016 @ 12:08 PM

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20160823_103847.jpg AVP of Document Production Brian Ernisse recently attended the Property Records Industry Association's (PRIA) Annual Conference in Dubuque, IA. He is pictured here with John Murphy (John is on the right), the Dubuque County Recorder.

NTC has been attending the PRIA Annual Conference for several years but this time, there was an air of celebration as the industry celebrated over 1,500 counties now eRecording, making this technology one of the most impactful advances in the business of residential land records. NTC currently eRecords in over 96 % of these jurisdictions. 

What sets NTC's eRecording apart?

- NTC’s eRecording is unique because we maintain backup and direct eRecording with most enabled counties

- NTC’s eRecording is unique because we don’t eRecord in places where the cost is prohibitive versus paper (hence the 4%)

- NTC eRecording cuts the time to record, especially on time-sensitive documents, down to as little as same day, with better tracking in electronic format

NTC's VP of Sales Danny Byrnes wrote a white paper earlier this year on eRecording from the County Recorder's Perspective which shed light on how lenders, servicers and county recorders can work together to continue to advance the business of U.S. land records.

NTC is in a unique position to provide this perspective as we work with both the counties at all 3600 jurisdictions, and our clients are the nation's largest lenders and servicers.

If you missed this white paper, download now by clicking here. 



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