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NTC Launches 'Freedom Corner' to Honor and Celebrate Our Military Veterans

Posted by Gina Morales on Mon, Jul 03,2017 @ 14:07 PM

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 NTC is very proud to honor the sacrifices made by our veterans, especially during this year's Independence Day festivities.



A couple of months ago, we asked our military veteran team members to share with us their service experiences, assuming they had valuable stories to share. The idea was to produce "Freedom Corner," an editorial feature dedicated to them in our monthly employee newsletter called NTC People. This is in addition to the other fun things we do to honor our veterans, like custom pins and events designed just for them. We love learning about the depth of their experiences. 
We received several inspiring stories and we want to share them with you for this Independence Day. Let's not forget what makes America the land of the free! We hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July. 

1. Rank in the Military: Sergeant E-5, Combat Medic, U.S.Army 

 What are some lessons you learned while serving in the military? Some important lessons I learn in the military is patience, situational awareness, and dedication to the mission. I also became a fast learner in the military and how to remain calm while under pressure.

Share a story from your time in the military:  As a medic, I used to deal with a lot of weird situations. Sometimes it would be while teaching non-medics first aid. A prime example is when a soldier was having an IV (intravenous) procedure done on them. They looked at me and said “excuse me Sergeant, but I’m going to go.” I didn’t know how to take that statement. A lot came to my mind. Was the soldier going to the bathroom, were they just going to leave?. I soon found out that “go” stood for blackout and pass out. The soldier just stared into the distance. Then started leaning to the side and became completely unresponsive. The soldier giving the IV asked what to d and I simply told the soldier to keep doing the IV, I said the passed out soldier was going to need one anyways! The soldier did eventually regain consciousness. Years later it is a funny story. At the time though, it was a situation that helped me learn to remain calm in situations like that. The picture provided is of my squad while we were in Iraq. We are about to leave to go home, so yes, I was being silly while everyone was being serious. That is how medics are, big jokesters.  

2. Rank in the Military: Airman 1st Class, United States Air Force, Clark Air Base, Philippines, 3rd TFW/3rd SPG/#rd SPS/SPOA 

What are some lessons you have learned while serving in the military? Air Force Customs and Courtesies was a major learning experience for all recruits during their time in basic training. This taught recruits how to behave in a professional manner while wearing the USAF uniform on base and off in order to project a positive image on the USAF. This was also a transition point from being a civilian, adjusting to military life by learning the history of the service as well as all the ranks of officers and non-commissioned officers (NCO), and the whole eight week process was tough considering weekends and holidays did not count as training days. Another one is if you’re assigned to a flight line assignment, make sure there’s no fighter jet chasing you and that the hood of your military CJ 5 jeep is securely fastened.

Share a story from your time in the military: One of my favorite stories was how I met my wife on base. A friend and fellow Sergeant and I were driving to my post. In order to get to my post, we had to go through the NCO housing. It was a Sunday and most families were having a picnic that day. When the Sgt. and I passed this house, I saw this girl with her head down and sitting on the steps of the house. I asked my friend if we can stop by and talk to this girl. He obliged and I started to chat with her but unfortunately we couldn’t stay long because I needed to go to some isolated tower. Anyway, before we left I asked her out to dinner and took her to the Airmen’s Club for a nice dinner and then got married six months later. Another one is winning the “BEST IN THE AIR FORCE” in 1988 as the best Security Police Group after an Operational Readiness Exercise (ORE).

3. Rank in the military: Army Specialist E4

What are some lessons you have learned while serving in the military? Organization, discipline and patience.

Share a story from your time in the military: I am a Desert Storm Combat Veteran, my military career ended when I was injured in the Desert Storm War.  I was traveling outside of a town when a scud missile hit and it ending up rolling the vehicle I was in, my back and knee were injured. During the war I treated this soldier he had a gun shot to the leg, all he asked was to save him.  I transported him to nearby evacuation hospital and I never thought I would see the soldier again. I ran into him years later and he thanked me for saving his life.  Just a simple thank you can make a huge difference.  Life is too short to not smile and don’t take things for granted!

These are just a few of the stories we learned from our team members. NTC is closed on Tuesday July 4, 2017 but we will be open on Wednesday, July 5, 2017. Happy 4th of July!


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