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NTC Summer Team Cruise 2019

Posted by Santa Sorrentino on Thu, May 16,2019 @ 10:05 AM


At NTC, we take pride that we are one big family. Some of us spend several hours a week, and those friendships evolve into a feeling of family. This is part of our culture and what makes NTC such a unique and fun place to work.

Our company encourages team building activities. One of our all-time favorites is the NTC Summer Cruise.  On Saturday April 27th, over 300 team members and their guest departed on the Yacht Star Ship’s cruise, sailing the inter-coastal of the Gulf of Mexico. This is NTC’s 2nd year hosting a team- build cruise for the staff. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!


This year’s theme was “Luau.” Our whole team wore leis, floral shirts with fun bright colors, and a whole lot of smiling faces. During our four-hour cruise, team members enjoyed a four-course meal, karaoke, great tunes played by a DJ, and dolphins jumping through the ocean!




There are several benefits of hosting these annual team building event. We have the opportunity to promote positive work performance in team members, create strong and more effective communication across divisions, and encourage team members to develop problem-solving skills. We see these positive effects at work all day, which is another reason why we host many activities for our team throughout the year.  

NTC Team Cruise 04.27 (24)

NTC is looking to the horizon and planning on setting sail in 2020. But next on the calendar, we are excited about our annual Independence Day cookout luncheon in July!  

To see more of NTC’s corporate culture, visit our company page and our Facebook

Photography by Caitlyn Vitale Photography

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