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NTC Unlocks Secrets to Successful Lien Release Services

Posted by Santa Sorrentino on Wed, Apr 17,2019 @ 10:04 AM


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NTC is proud to announce that over the last decade, we have processed over 15 million lien release orders. By experience alone, this makes us the true experts of lien release processes in our industry.

It’s no surprise clients choose NTC to be their preferred partner when it comes to processing their lien releases and providing other critical post-closing related services.

Following guidelines and laws for over 3,600 recording jurisdictions nationwide is a nearly impossible task. However, NTC tracks and manages these with precision and maintains the most up-to-date, compliant lien release forms in the industry. To this day, NTC still remains to have a less than 1% county reject rate on both assignments of mortgage and lien releases.

Working with NTC, not only are you supported by the largest team of experienced lien release professionals in the industry, but you also have secure access to our web portal, where you’ll find images of your recorded lien releases, real-time status of document progress and complete transparency of your workflow. You have the power of knowledge – every step of the way.

With NTC, we’ll provide you peace of mind with our….

  • Highest compliance rates
  • Lowest reject rates
  • Industry best practices
  • Highest e-recording percentages
  • Unrivaled indemnity coverage
  • First Class customer service
  • Cost savings and efficiencies from the largest provider in industry

Trust the experts at NTC and contact us today!




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