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NTC's CEO Receives HousingWire Magazine's Prestigious Vanguard Award

Posted by Gina Morales on Tue, Dec 01,2015 @ 13:12 PM

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CEO John Hillman has been honored as one of the housing industry's most noteworthy executives by HousingWire (HW) Magazine in its December/January issue.


The HW Vanguard Awards™ recognizes business leaders contributing to the growth of the housing economy and its various sectors, including lending, servicing, investments, and real estate. They come from diverse backgrounds but share one common trait: an unmistakable impact on the industry at-large.

According to HW, leadership is forged during times of crisis — something the housing economy has seen plenty of since 2008. The mortgage industry weathered the Great Recession and has come out on the other side as the housing market continues to normalize.

All of the sectors of the housing economy now — real estate, lending, servicing and investing — are navigating unchartered territory. The challenges are new and the processes scrutinized as never before.

Against that backdrop, HW thought it was appropriate to recognize the tremendous leadership within the mortgage space with their first annual HW Vanguard Awards. Companies in our business couldn’t have survived the crisis, or formed in this brave new world, without serious leadership.

The kind of leadership that utilizes cutting-edge technology but doesn’t lose sight of the very real people involved. The kind that isn’t afraid to change, but relies on timeless values like putting the customer first, acting honorably and giving back.

With the HW Vanguard Awards, HousingWire is recognizing that kind of leader. This year’s list of 27 executives really is extraordinary. These are successful people who have accomplished some pretty impressive things.

Click here for the full article on NTC's own John Hillman



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