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Eric Kenney: “NTC’s Mentorship Program One Year Later”

Posted by Kristen Rumberger on Tue, Apr 24,2018 @ 09:04 AM

“NTC’s Mentorship Program One Year Later”

by Eric Kenney

Approximately one year ago, NTC launched its Mentorship Program, and I had the honor of spearheading it. 

As the Vice President of Research, this was stepping a bit out of my area of expertise. But, as an executive over the Research Division at NTC, it may beg the question, how did I end up championing this program? The answer is simple: I saw a need and a desire for engagement and suggested that it would be a great idea and benefit for NTC. And then I was drafted to make it happen!

That is something I like about NTC, being given a chance to approach new things or ideas even if I’m not ‘the expert.’  In this case, the Mentorship Program has been a “growth experience” for me in good and genuinely surprising ways.

First, let me offer a snapshot of year one of the program.

  • The Mentor Program has consisted, to date, of 38% male applicants and 62% female applicants
  • There have been 48 mentees since the launch of the program in July 2017.
  • Of the 48 mentees, nine either joined shortly after being promoted or were promoted following their time in the program.
  • The Program has included staff and management from entry level up to Director Level.


The Mentorship Program was initiated to groom NTC’s future leaders. Secondary benefits included helping staff get a broader sense of company-wide direction. 

The Program has demonstrated that new generations are not that much different from the old, regarding work ethics. Later generations are young and still formulating viewpoints on business and the world. They want to know ‘why,' and don’t march in ‘lock step’ to tradition. As a Millennial myself, I question everything, especially if they include ideas of “that’s the way it’s always has been.” I believe in challenging traditional ways can lead to new and better ways.

The Mentorship Program has shown that mentees are NOT the only ones that have something to learn. As a mentor, I have found working with mentees challenged my vantage point.  This is a recognized practice called “Reverse Mentoring.”  We see that a younger less experienced mentee often provides a new way to look at things and gets mentors to reexamine preconceived ideas.


Since the program began, several mentees were promoted following their participation in the Mentorship Program and individuals who have signed up for mentoring after being promoted, report they have learned how to be better managers from the program. Here are some participant comments: 

Amanda: Joined the Mentorship Program directly after being promoted to a lead position with NTC. “I gained valuable insight about the company, and it gave my duties greater value as I understood how they related to the big picture.”


Jennifer: Promoted to a Manager after being involved in the program. “I was able to obtain insight into the company’s mission and gain management skills before being promoted to manager.”


Jennifer: Promoted to a lead after the Mentor Program. “I gained insight into my position, management and a better overall picture of the company. This assisted in my promotion to lead in my area.”


Grace: Promoted to lead before being in the Mentor Program. “I was a new lead in my area, and the Program exceeded my expectations. The Mentorship Program at NTC was geared not just towards the job, but to helping me to be a more skilled and confident leader.” 


Brooke: Promoted to a Manager position after the Mentor Program. “I began the program hoping to expand my communications skills. I believe the program did this and accordingly, helped me advance.”


Troy: Promoted to Manager during his Mentoring quarter, Troy stated that he “liked the exposure that he got to the bigger picture of things on the entire company and felt that the program helped me with making better decisions and ultimately feel more confident with those decisions. I appreciated the effort that my Mentor put into the program and that it was catered to me.”


Dustin: Promoted to a Management position before the program. “I felt that I was able to learn all facets of the company and not just my area. One thing that stuck out to me was being able to see how [revenue] worked across all areas of the company which involved even being able to attend a sales meeting to see how that operated.”


One year into NTC’s Mentorship Program, not every mentee has moved up to be a leader or manager of the company and not every mentee has stayed with the company. In my opinion, EVERY participant is a success story. Here’s why:  every mentee who hasn’t moved up still reports a greater understanding of the company and feeling more engaged with their work. Those who moved on to something else were able to discover their true calling and NTC was able to assist them with getting there. 


At NTC, If you have not applied to be a mentee, the door is always open, and if you already have, there is no limit to learning, so individuals can apply as many times as they like. In the program, you might discover some new things about yourself and benefit in ways you never expected -- speaking for both Mentors and Mentees alike.


Eric Kenney
Vice President of Research
Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc

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