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Stabilize Your Servicing Cost with Nationwide Title Clearing

Posted by Kristen Rumberger on Mon, Feb 19,2018 @ 09:02 AM

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With the industry changes around regulation and compliance, it has been reported that the cost of servicing has quadrupled over the last decade. Finding stable components within the cost structure has never been more important. NTC provides you that peace of mind.

Thru technology investments and efficiencies gains; our pricing structure has remained balanced year over year regardless of the same regulatory and compliance requirements enforced overall. Supported by our third party oversight approvals for 8 of the top 10 mortgage companies, NTC maintains the high quality standards and compliance required to be rated a premier service provider.

NTC’s mission is to deliver Life of Loan services with the highest level of accuracy partnered with the mortgage banking industry to protect homeowners while also preserving the integrity of the nation's land records.

Let NTC stabilize your budget with Life of Loan solutions:

  • Final Document Processing
  • Collateral File Audit & Remediation
  • Secure Collateral Storage
  • Exception Curative Processes
  • Default Collateral Management
  • Assignments of Mortgage
  • Assignment Verification Reports
  • Document Retrieval
  • Document eRecording and Recording
  • Property Reports
  • Imaging, Indexing and Hosting
  • Lien Releases

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