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VP of Business Development Jeremy Pomerantz Attending IMN Mortgage Risk Management Conference

Posted by Gina Morales on Wed, Sep 20,2017 @ 10:09 AM

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Jeremy_Pomerantz.pngJeremy Pomerantz will attend the inaugural IMN Mortgage Risk Management Conference in Santa Monica, CA Oct 2-3.

NTC's business development executives are spreading out throughout the U.S. and joining our partners and clients at some of the industry's biggest conferences. 

Mr. Pomerantz can speak to a number of critical industry issues relating to compliance to OCC, CFPB and National Mortgage Settlement requirements and how they impact mortgage lending, servicing and default. His areas of expertise relate to business strategies, managing operations, vendor relations, legislation, mortgage servicing trends, statutory compliance, mitigating risk, mortgage servicing best practices, government/agency regulations, servicing trends/standards, effective process management, changes in state and federal requirements as well as a variety of other topics.

Mr. Pomerantz has been quoted as an expert source in multiple articles and has several published articles over the past several years. To contact Jeremy please email him directly at

About the IMN Mortgage Risk Management Conference

Now that interest rates are on the move is there a financial instrument that has more risk than residential mortgages?

  • Consumer risk is higher especially on adjustable products
  • Pipeline risk and the exposure of the value of your existing mortgages as you underwrite them
  • If you are involved in the servicing rights part of the market the value of your investment is on the rise
  • And if you are a portfolio manager you want to protect the value of your investments

To ensure you are up-to-date on the latest risk management procedures and practices, IMN has developed its Inaugural Mortgage Risk Management Conference that will dive into the identification, quantification and management of the plethora of risks inherent in your mortgage investments. With sessions targeted towards investors, broker dealers, servicers and originators this is a must attend conference for any mortgage market participant.

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