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NTC WEBINAR-Increasing Portfolio Value: Perfecting Loan Collateral

Posted by Santa Sorrentino on Mon, Aug 13,2018 @ 14:08 PM

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With an elevated cost of servicing that can be partially attributed to improperly handled collateral files, Increasing Portfolio Value: Perfecting Loan Collateral will train real estate finance professionals on the proactive measures that can be taken to properly perfect loan collateral. Learn how to properly track files, be consistent in your reconciliation of files, and be one step ahead of your custodian. This 60 minute webinar will be a great conversation from new professionals to veterans in the servicing industry who need to understand what exactly to look for in the files and the ultimate impact on loan disposition.

The webinar will take place tomorrow, AUG. 14th 1PM - 2PM EST.

During this webinar, we'll go over the following:

  • Final Document Tracking
  • Consistent Reconciliation practices (ie. Trailing Doc SLA Testing)
  • Trailing Document Chasing
  • Due Diligence = Buying and Selling
  • Custodial Reconciliation - Inventory and Exceptions
  • Collateral Remediation
  • Exception Tracking
  • Impacts on Loan Disposition

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