NTC's newest White Paper features insights directly from several NTC partners at the county on best practices for working with county recorders.

With over 3,600 county jurisdictions in the United States, there are at least that many specific nuances which can deem a residential mortgage document unrecordable. What's a lender or servicer to do? How do you apply each requirement to ensure your documents are not rejected?

As a service provider to some of the nation's largest financial institutions with a LESS THAN 1% REJECT RATE, NTC has it all figured out. That's why our clients trust and rely on us to get their documents in the public record - without errors - every time. Currently, we are operating at an over 70% eRecording rate.

While eRecording technology makes recording mortgage documents efficient and paperless, there are unique challenges based on the sheer speed of the information being processed. NTC took time to hear directly from the county recorders themselves on how lenders and servicers save time and money by using a provider who gets it right every single time.

You don't want to miss what VP of Sales Danny Byrnes discovers and shares in this White Paper!

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