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This white paper is designed to help you score and evaluate your trailing document process and offers helpful tips to improve your process. 

Failure to assess your operation could be viewed as a pattern of negative behavior by regulators.

A best practices approach requires annual assessment. But what should you assess?

In today’s highly regulated environment, problems with document tracking or flow can have a profound negative impact on mortgage lenders or servicers ability to protect loan assets. To help mortgage lenders and servicers address this, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has released a white paper entitled, Scoring Your Trailing Document Process & Tips for Efficiency. The white paper includes a checklist on how to score your trailing document process and best practices to improve efficiency. Take a moment to read this white paper and consider how your shop rates on each point. You might be surprised.

White Paper highlights include:

• Checklist to score your final/trailing document process
• Find out how out of date image repositories can yield inaccurate results that can really     cost you
• When document tracking is no longer an option
• Establishing a national abstractor/research vendor network
• When should you consider outsourcing?

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