This white paper is designed to help explain the need for significant changes in a sector of the industry that hasn’t changed in decades, increasing portfolio value and reducing risk by perfecting loan collateral and document custody.

There is an exposure that exists with the condition of the collateral file, which is not often taken into consideration up front.

Having a solid process of tracking and maintaining of the mortgage note, recorded mortgage and title policy at origination is key. but why?

Document Custody is the last line of defense for a quality portfolio and the first source of information for a loan under inspection, but without the research and remediation components, it simply can’t get the job done. To protect homeowners, investors, originators and servicers, NTC created a more complete solution, where the old idea of document custody must be replaced. In this whitepaper, NTC will discuss some of the problems we are seeing in this area today, the risks this presents to the industry players and what a better solution would look like.

The White Paper highlights:

  • Secure Storage Facility
  • File Intake and Review
  • Exception Curative Services
  • Comprehensive Document and Exception Tracking
  • Loan Transfer Assistance
  • Imaging and Indexing
  • Pre-purchase Collateral Due Diligence
  • Coordination between Sellers, Buyers, Custodians and Due Diligence firms

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WHITE PAPER Increasing Portfolio Value

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