In this video, she notes, how NTC handles legal requirements, changes in counties, and volume increase. Debbie also goes on to discuss what NTC's quality control entail's, how the production environment is monitored, how the company addresses changes in the industry, and the NTC approach to auditing.

CEO John Hillman Explains Why NTC is No Longer the Industry's Best Kept Secret

Watch this video to learn why NTC has become a trusted partner for the largest lenders, servicers and investors over the last 25 years. CEO John Hillman explains in this video how NTC has earned our client’s trust.


Basics of the Mortgage Industry Training Video


Since our inception in 1991 we’ve always been compliance and quality focused, but now more than ever the industry as a whole demands compliance.

We deliver the highest standards in the business maintaining a 99.98% compliance rate across all services we offer.

See why investing in your employees with NTC’s Basics of the Mortgage Industry Training might help you gain and retain an engaged workforce.


Workforce Training Video

There is no room for error in the public record!

NTC's rigorous workforce training programs have been adopted and applied by some of the nation's largest lenders and servicers due to their sophisticated nature which produce a specialized workforce.


PerfectChain Video

Nationwide Title Clearing's PerfectChain® Assignment Verification Process is an extensive research and reporting service.

We identify if the current loan beneficiary is clear or not on a property, by reviewing land records to examine the entire assignment chain.


Document Review Video

Nationwide Title Clearing's document review and signing process manages and controls authorized signers with a level of accountability unmatched in the industry.

With built-in protocols for signer authentication, you can be assured that every detail is reviewed for accuracy before the documents are printed and executed.

We use this document review process as a standard part of our assignment and lien release processing services, click here to learn more.


Lien Release Video

Nationwide Title Clearing Lien Release Processing & Management Services makes preparing and recording documents in order to cancel a mortgage simple.

Often called a Lien Release, Reconveyance of Deed, Cancellation of Mortgage, or Mortgage Satisfaction, NTC puts its experts to work immediately in completing your requests quickly.


Final Document Processing Video


Nationwide Title Clearing makes the final document process easy by improving our client's internal processes while mitigating fraud risk.

As a leading post-closing services supplier, NTC clearly shines in the residential mortgage industry, by working cooperatively with the lending, servicing, and investing community.

Our proven technology and expert knowledge go above and beyond to ensure every detail is extensively monitored.


Document Retrieval Video

Nationwide Title Clearing land record research, document retrieval, tax research and title policy retrieval services are comprehensive and cost-effective.

Mortgage lenders, servicers and investors turn to us as their reliable source to get copies of mortgage documentation from land records, closing agents or underwriters.

Our unique combination of the right technology and the right people result in a higher percentage of accurate documents retrieved than from any other provider.


Assignment Services Video

Nationwide Title Clearing takes care of all the assignment document details as a service for mortgage servicers and works closely with county recording jurisdictions.

We ensure it is done right, ultimately for the benefit of the homeowner-- our proven systems are in place to provide the highest level of accuracy on every level.


Company Employee Culture Video

Learn about the employee culture at Nationwide Title Clearing. The people of Nationwide Title Clearing are committed, smart, and passionate about their work.

We work to create a fun and energetic workplace that makes people enjoy coming to work. It's been that way for more than 25 years!

Our positive employee culture is one of the reasons why the nation's top mortgage lenders, servicers and investors hire us for post closing document services, such as Lien Release Processing, Mortgage Assignment Processing and Document Retrieval Services.


Company History Video

Nationwide Title Clearing, Competent, Dependable, Experienced - since 1991.

Learn about the history of the company and how we began. We are a solid privately owned company now more than hundreds strong, we continually perfect the process, hire the best, maintain our founders' moral values and earn the trust of our clients.

Nationwide Title Clearing clients are mortgage lenders, servicers and investors. Our innovative services help our clients comply with laws and regulations that ultimately protect homeowners.


Company Overview Video

Learn about the expert team at Nationwide Title Clearing, a company located in Palm Harbor, FL.

Find out why the nation's top mortgage lenders, servicers and investors hire us for post closing document services, such as Lien Release Processing, Mortgage Assignment Processing and Document Retrieval Services.